NORMAN Premiere Celebration

After 7 long years, NORMAN is finally finished!

I have tried to capture along the years, the process of making this film, and I wanted the same for the premiere of NORMAN. I had my friend record day of the premiere for everyone to join in on the fun. We are so excited to finally be finished with the film, and are ready and already moving onto the sales and distribution phase of the project.

We cannot wait to get this film out into the world for everyone to see. We have some really awesome prospects lined up so far that we hope will turn out great, allowing us to get the film into theaters, and onto as many video on demand platforms as possible, like iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Huge thanks to everyone that helped make the premiere possible, and especially to my mother who put so much of her time and money into creating a really exciting after party celebration for myself and all of the cast and crew. I love you all so much!