NORMAN: Update / The Final 25 Days

The end is finally here!

About 120 days ago, we set an ambitious goal to be 100% done by July 20th. We had finally gotten to a point in this extremely long and tiring production where we knew we had all the pieces to finally put together this puzzle.

So, for the past 120 days, we have been working pretty much every day on the final stage of production. The audio mix. Jonah has put in an incredible amount of hours to get this film sounding absolutely incredible.

We decided on July 20th as our first ever Private Premiere of NORMAN. We have sent out invites to all our cast and crew and close friends to celebrate with us as we end this insanely long 7 Year Journey.

We are so very excited to be at the end of this, and I couldn't be happier for how things are turning out. The VFX, the Music, the Sound Design, the Graphic Design, everything is looking so awesome. I think it will truly be worth the wait.

Once July 20th is over, we will be moving straight into sales and distribution of NORMAN. We have some great contacts lined up right now, and we hoping that NORMAN does well for all of us. We want it to get out there into the world and we cannot wait for everyone to finally get to see it.

This video goes behind the scenes as we navigate our final 25 days till NORMAN is truly finished.

Thank you all so very much for all your encouragement and kind words through the many, many years. We wanted to be proud of of the film we made, and to know we put every last bit of effort that we had into making it the best that we could.

As soon as we know more about when the film will be available, we will let everyone know. We will make sure to keep everyone updated once the sales begins.

See you all soon!

- Joel