NORMAN: Visual Effects Montage / By Hello Studios

One of the toughest things about making Norman, was to try and get high production quality visual effects on a zero budget essentially. Adam and Sam, from Hello Studios, created a short montage video to show off the types of effects shots they accomplished for my film Norman. I think they have done an outstanding job and have gone above and beyond the original scope of the project. I hope you enjoy a short look into the amount of work that has continually been going into making Norman into a really awesome film. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is what Hello Studios had to say about this video.

"For the past couple years, there has been an ongoing back burner project called NORMAN - A Joel Guelzo Film that we've whittled away at from time to time. It's a movie we're helping do the Visual Effects on and everything is super close to being complete. Here is a montage of just a handful of the hundreds of VFX shots in the film."