Featurette: Composing Music

As we near the end of post production on Norman, there have been less and less videos to post about the film because of the nature of how busy work has been to get the film done. So for today, I really wanted to give all of you a really nice behind the scenes perspective on the work that has taken place to bring the music for Norman to life.

Music to me is such an important thing for films. It can completely make or break the film in my opinion. Creating a film with such a low budget usually guarantees you one option. Low quality midi sounding type music. It's super low cost, and there are so many "composers" out there that have keyboards and Garage Band on their macs that can spit out a theme for this or that using loops or synthesized sounds.

This was something I was incredibly worried about for Norman. To me, knowing all this work I put into my film over the years, only to have a subpar soundtrack to finish it off with. This scared me so much. I can instantly notice generic sounding music, short cuts with fake instruments, so I knew it was going to be incredibly hard to find a way to get amazing original music for my film, but I promised myself I would figure out a way somehow.

Years passed by, and after my Kickstarter ended, I had gotten an email from a Daniel Ciurlizza, of Outlier Studios. He told me that he enjoyed my trailer and liked the scifi genre a lot and would love to talk with me. At this time, I already had a composer who had done the trailer music, but when I showed him Daniel's work, he told me, "Joel, if you can afford this guy. DO it!"

So after months of chatting with Daniel, and getting to know him, I decided it was worth the chance. I was still a bit nervous about working with someone so far away from where I lived, to handle the music for my film. What if there was a problem, or things go bad? I didn't have the money to easily try over again.

Fast forward one year later, and all the music is finished. Let me just say, it was one of the best decisions I could make for Norman. Daniel didn't just write me music for my film. He created Norman and ANI as real characters to me. He added in emotion where I didn't think could be added, he redid several tracks for months at a time, wanting them to be perfect. He fell in love with the story and project and really put every effort into making the music his own. He wanted to add his own stamp of approval. He told me recently that coming to the end of this production, that he actually will be quite sad to see it all over.

Norman has become such a large part of my life, and it has been an incredible joy to watch Daniel join this adventure as well.

I hope you enjoy the video, and that it gets you even more excited to see the final product. This journey is truly nearing the end.

Thank you for following along with me and supporting me.