NORMAN: Featurette / Stephen Birge ADR Session

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. We shot a few last pickup shots, a few small new scenes and recorded all of Stephen's dialogue. It was a really long and tedious process, but it was fun to be able to come back to scenes that we shot years ago, and try to re-capture the same tone and emotions and even enhance some lines this time around. I am finally really able to say that we have finished all of Stephen's scenes, and we are in 100 percent post production mode right now. Being able to get all of the dialogue, narration done is a massive stepping stone to completing this film.

Here is another featurette showing you how we went about Stephen's ADR recording session. Thanks to my brother Jonah for pulling through and getting me the best audio recording he can for my film. Also thanks to Rode K2, Ediprompt and Edicue for allowing us the use of your software and mics.