Production Update Video #1

I present to you our first big Production Update Video. Nearly 8 minutes of behind the scenes, clips from the film, and James and myself talking about what we have been doing since receiving the funds from Kickstarter. We are deep into the editing process and this is really where the movie starts to come together. Every last nickel and dime has gone into making the extra scenes happen. This movie will truly be amazing because of all the support that you have given to make it happen. I am doing everything on my end to make sure the quality of Norman is the highest it can be.

We begin VFX on Norman this June 9th, starting with a big production meeting, going over every scene to discuss which scenes and shots need effects, from big to small. I will send out an update sometime after that meeting to tell you how things are going, but for now, sit back, and relax, and enjoy this video. I hope you enjoy it, and are as excited as I am to see Norman when it is finished.