Post Production Update: Editing is going well.

Post production is defiantly where I think any film completely comes together. No matter how much you plan and make sure what you shoot and film will be what you want in the final film, things always change. Editing is where your film truly comes to life in ways you never thought it would. Over the past month or so, since wrapping up principle photography, myself and James, my assistant editor, producer, assistant script writer, idea man, problem solver, and sidekick, have been working through the Norman edit timeline over and over again, cutting things shorter where it needs to, and extending and letting other scenes breath a bit longer. Every scene in the film, every cut, we are trying to make sure there is a purpose for it, and that it fits into the overall story.

Sometimes it can be hard to cut things out of the film that you know you have spent hours and hours filming, but once it's out of the timeline, and the film starts to become smoother, and flow better, you know it's for the best.

Right now, we are working on the inner dialogue and narration that happens during specific segments of the movie that help to flesh out Norman's backstory, and understanding how he is feeling about his current situation. Once this is finished, we will be able to start finalizing ANI's dialogue and hopefully be able to record her lines in the next couple of months.

Thanks for following along with my film, and Norman's journey.

Talk soon.