3D Modeling Work

I wish I could share with all of you guys some of the things we have been tirelessly working on as of lately. A good friend of mine, Dave Lee who originally helped me design ANI in 3D a model that could be 3D printed, has been spending hours upon hours on some other material to be used in the film. I got to see another look at what he was working on the other day, and the amount of detail he has put into his work is amazing. Even though the final shots that will be using his work might not even get to show it all off, Dave has gone the extra mile to make something that won't only just work well for the movie, but to be proud of something himself, knowing he put 100% into it. 

I am really blessed to have such amazing friends who have sacrificed their time to give me their best for this film.

P.S. This image has nothing to do with what Dave is working on since I can't show you that part yet as it is under wraps. You will just have to wait to see the finished film. In the meantime, here is a cool photo that was taken as we spent 18 hrs filming one of the big scenes in the movie with Norman's time machine.