Meet the New Composer for Norman

Hello everyone. Just a quick update.

Just started working with the composer for Norman this past week. When I originally released the Kickstarter trailer for my film, I had a friend of mine, Jonathan Pierce do the music for me. After the Kickstarter finished, and after many months of chatting together about ideas, I am really excited to announce that we have a new film composer for Norman.

Meet Daniel Ciurlizza, an amazing composer and really awesome guy. I met him through a Kickstarter message, and we started chatting and talking about the film, and before I did anything, I asked my previous composer, Jonathan, what he thought about this guy, and his offer to work on music for Norman. He told me to go with Daniel, realizing his skills and talent were amazing, and thought he would make a really good fit for Norman. So after several months of thinking about it, and listening to music by him, I decided to go with him, and just last week we started working on spotting the film. This basically means we go through the entire film second by second, talking about where and when music would be, the themes of the film, the feel and tone of the story minute by minute. This has been a really enjoyable experience and has helped me to really see how professional Daniel is and how incredible he is going to be for the film.

We are just about done with spotting through the entire film, so once we finish this element, Daniel will begin the actual writing and composing part of production. I am super excited about this and can't wait to see the music synced up to the film.