Featurette: Melissa Yowell is Jenny

I had been looking around for someone who might be able to fill the shoes of a very special character in my film Norman, called Jenny. I had been searching around for several months when Stephen Birge, who plays Norman, had mentioned to me someone he thought might be a good choice for the role, and would inquire if she might be interested and have the time.


I heard back shortly that she would be interested in helping out with my film, so trusting Stephen on his choice of Melissa Yowell to play Jenny, I planned the several days of filming around her schedule and we shot her scenes.

All I can say is wow, she did such an awesome job. So many times as I worked on writing the script for Norman, I had a certain look in my mind, for who Jenny would be, and it's always hard to find someone who has the time, looks the part, and can act well. Three things that an independent filmmaker has to plan around. Most of the time you only get one out of the three, or two at most. Sometimes you find an amazing actor for the part, but he or she doesn't have the time to help out, or to commit to the amount of time needed required for the character role.

I was extremely happy with how Melissa's scenes played out, and I personally think Jenny and Norman look really well on screen together, and mesh organically with each other in the film. They both were truly so awesome to work with, and throughout filming, i kept wishing I had more scenes for Melissa to be in, because she is a great actor, and very professional to work with.

Thank you for your time Melissa!

Here is a short featurette showing off a few scenes that Melissa was in.