Featurette: Stephen Birge is Norman

Filming a feature film with little to no budget can have it's ups and downs. Some of my favorite moments during filming, and personally my life is when I would be hanging out with my friends making Norman.

I got to know Stephen Birge through one of my best friends who had heard Stephen had done some acting in theater at the same school I had gone to. Stephen sent me a few video clips from some short films he had helped some other friends with and I thought he had that cool inventor, scientist look, so I asked him if he would be interested in helping me make this film. I wasn't sure how he would do initially so I didn't promise any specific role to him right off the bat, but after we talked and had shot a few scenes, I knew he would be perfect as Norman.


There is something just so satisfying about completing a shot or scene you have envisioned when all you have is two sticks to rub together. Low budgets sometimes can get in the way of what you want to do, but usually for me, it means I have to be extra creative and it forces me to come up with a better idea than normal to still complete a shot I what to do.

It has been fun getting to know Stephen as an actor through the film, because of the long stretched out shooting schedule. We have become good friends through this as well, and as much as I am excited about this film doing well in hopes to get other projects down the road, I also hope this project can be something he will be proud of at the end, and will help further his career in whatever he chooses to do.

Here is a short video showing off a few behind the scenes clips from the film. I cannot wait to show you all the finished film hopefully later this year.

Please continue to share this project with friends and family, because I have some really amazing scenes I would love to be able to finish and shoot for the final product if the stretch goal is funded.

Thank you all for your time and your donations, I am truly grateful!

Joel Guelzo