NORMAN: December 2018 Update

Hi everyone!

We have prepared a special video update for all of you to give you an idea of whats been going on lately and where the film is at. First I explain what we are doing next with our finished film, IE: Sales, distribution, film festivals, and our hopes to get it out to you as soon as we can. Secondly, we prepared a full scene to show you all from the finished film, as well as what it looked like from the raw camera, with no VFX, no SFX, no color grading, and no music.

Last, we also prepared a condensed non-spoiler version of our full feature documentary we are working on that encompasses everything it took to make this film. We selected a portion of it to present to you, that should give you an idea of what the full length, (around 2.5 hrs long) documentary will be like. We are excited to package this a long with the final blu-ray / iTunes / Amazon, wherever it finally lands. I have always been a fan of the massive documentaries for films like Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings, and we think if you are into that sort of thing, that this documentary will be really special.

Thank you all very much for your continued support,

-Joel Guelzo

NORMAN Premiere Celebration

After 7 long years, NORMAN is finally finished!

I have tried to capture along the years, the process of making this film, and I wanted the same for the premiere of NORMAN. I had my friend record day of the premiere for everyone to join in on the fun. We are so excited to finally be finished with the film, and are ready and already moving onto the sales and distribution phase of the project.

We cannot wait to get this film out into the world for everyone to see. We have some really awesome prospects lined up so far that we hope will turn out great, allowing us to get the film into theaters, and onto as many video on demand platforms as possible, like iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Huge thanks to everyone that helped make the premiere possible, and especially to my mother who put so much of her time and money into creating a really exciting after party celebration for myself and all of the cast and crew. I love you all so much!



Words cannot describe how I feel. I will have more to share soon, but I need time to just take this all in right now. The sense of relief is unbelievable. I am SO proud of this film and all who helped make it happen.

NORMAN: Update / The Final 25 Days

The end is finally here!

About 120 days ago, we set an ambitious goal to be 100% done by July 20th. We had finally gotten to a point in this extremely long and tiring production where we knew we had all the pieces to finally put together this puzzle.

So, for the past 120 days, we have been working pretty much every day on the final stage of production. The audio mix. Jonah has put in an incredible amount of hours to get this film sounding absolutely incredible.

We decided on July 20th as our first ever Private Premiere of NORMAN. We have sent out invites to all our cast and crew and close friends to celebrate with us as we end this insanely long 7 Year Journey.

We are so very excited to be at the end of this, and I couldn't be happier for how things are turning out. The VFX, the Music, the Sound Design, the Graphic Design, everything is looking so awesome. I think it will truly be worth the wait.

Once July 20th is over, we will be moving straight into sales and distribution of NORMAN. We have some great contacts lined up right now, and we hoping that NORMAN does well for all of us. We want it to get out there into the world and we cannot wait for everyone to finally get to see it.

This video goes behind the scenes as we navigate our final 25 days till NORMAN is truly finished.

Thank you all so very much for all your encouragement and kind words through the many, many years. We wanted to be proud of of the film we made, and to know we put every last bit of effort that we had into making it the best that we could.

As soon as we know more about when the film will be available, we will let everyone know. We will make sure to keep everyone updated once the sales begins.

See you all soon!

- Joel

NORMAN: Update / Color Grading

I am very excited to finally share this news with all of you. We just completed the color grading for Norman. The story of how this got completed is quite an amazing one.

I brought my camera with me to capture the journey and to share with you how all of this happened. I couldn't be more thrilled to tell you that we have completed yet another massive milestone. We only have one milestone left. The final sound mix. We will have some news on that as well soon. We honestly think that we can be finally finished within 60 days from now.

Well, let's not delay any more. I hope you enjoy the video update, and that you are as excited and pumped as I am to know that we are truly nearly there. In the video you will learn about two incredible guys that offered up their time and money to help realize my vision for Norman.

They have done so much to help create some truly incredible work that will be enjoyed by all the fans of this film once it's completed. I couldn't be more thankful and proud of all the work DC Barns and J. Trent Adams have done for me and this film. I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at what these guys have brought to the table for Norman.


NORMAN: October 2017 Update (Video)

Hi everyone, sorry it's been quite a while since my last update on the film. It's been an insanely busy few months, and we have some really cool updates coming soon.

Norman is coming along well, and we expect to have the first half of foley finished in the next two weeks, with the second half early to mid November. Things have been a bit stressful for myself and my brother lately, having to do a bunch of extra free lance jobs, and balancing work, family, and life on top of finding time to keep chugging along with Norman.

But I want you all to know that we are really making good progress, and Jonah and I think it's still gonna happen to have Norman pretty much finished before the year is up. This might not include the final touch that is Color Grading, but at least the film will have all finished sound and will pretty much be finished. I cannot tell you how excited I will be to have it at this point.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a video I recorded with my friend on answering a question I have had asked to me many many times over the years while working on Norman.

Today's video update talks about how to promote your work so that others care about it. Hopefully you will find this interesting, because I think this is absolutely crucial in getting your idea out there and made. If you can't promote your work or talk about it in a way that gets others excited, you won't have an easy time getting it made, kickstarted, shared, etc.

One of the ways that helped my film get funded, was having a well polished site around the time when I launched. My friend owns a company called Knapsack, and he built it for me, as well as designed various logos, facebook posts, and worked with me on all things promotional related to make sure my product stood out from the rest.

What is so cool about their company, and you will learn more from watching the video, is that they can literally build you a working site all within one work day. I urge you, that if you find yourself in the same boat as me, and you have a project that needs promotion, or you are trying to kickstart something, do yourself a favor and make sure you have a good site, you have good designs, logos, etc, to the best of your ability. This makes all the difference in the world.

If you are in need of a website, I highly recommend

Thanks everyone, and stay tuned, we have a lot more content coming your way in just a few weeks time.

-Joel Guelzo

NORMAN: Sound Design Update Week #9

It's been awhile since our last sound update, so while I was over at Jonah's studio the other day, I recorded a quick update on how things are going. Jonah estimates he has about 25-30% left of the film to do until he is done. We are making major progress.

Huge Milestone Announcement!

Words cannot describe how happy I am right now. Instead of explaining in text, I recorded a video for this special announcement to hopefully convey in at least some small manner how I feel right now.

NORMAN: Featurette / Deconstructing ANI

One of the most complex things to create for this film, was the character of ANI. Because she is a combination of visual effects, practical effects and voice overs, her character was extremely hard to make work on screen because of the low budget and time in between working on the shots.

I try to deconstruct what it takes to create ANI on screen that looks interesting, and is a character that hopefully is fun to watch and get to know more about.

NORMAN: Sound Design Update Week #4

Jonah previews another scene he is working on, that involves a more bare bones, scrapped together time machine that Norman made. This version, we wanted the sounds to be more raw without as many effects added to it, so we recorded a lot of live elements to mix into the final scene.

NORMAN: Sound Design Update Week #3

In Week 3 of 8 so far, Jonah talks about choosing the right sound for Norman's mini time machine and making sure it sounds like it's actually coming from the device by using various audio effects.

NORMAN: Sound Design Update Week #2

In week 2 of 8 so far, Jonah talks about panning each sound element for every scene and adjusting audio levels for scene changes and cuts.

NORMAN: Post Production Update: Jan 3, 2017

I am so excited to let everyone know that after months of planning, saving up money, and planning out a schedule, my brother is able to start this final stretch of sound design and mixing for Norman. We fleshed out a workable schedule for him to stay on track for roughly 8 weeks worth of work. He starts today, and will be working on a four day a week schedule, back to back as much as possible, till the picture is complete.

Why am I so excited about this? My brother does all sorts of freelance work for his income, so because of that, it's hard to find a nice chunk of time for him to commit to only working on Norman. My brother wants to make the audio the best he possibly can, but it can be super hard when he has other freelance work that comes in that he has to take to put food on the table for his family.

So, for the past several months, we have worked up a schedule to clear some of his plate to allow some solid uninterrupted time to work on Norman and to once and for all finish out this last part of the project.

We are going to try and record a short video with updates weekly, as sound design is being done. I wish him well as he begins an extremely tedious part of the project, and thank you all again very much for all the support and patience as this project continues towards the finish line.

THE MAKING OF NORMAN: Collectors Book Available Now

I've been asked many many times, if I'm going to release the NORMAN Collector's Book to the public.

Well today, I'd like to announce that it is now available online to purchase.

If you are one of the Kickstarter Backers who paid for this originally, please DO NOT buy one, as I am sending out more shipments of booklets this week.

I apologize it has taken awhile. They ended up costing a lot more than I had planned on because of how much bigger the booklet ended up being, compared to the original idea. I wanted to make sure it was something worth your while, and would be a really nice keepsake for not only the backers, but to my cast and crew as a thank you and nice memory to look back on.

If you are someone who enjoys reading about the behind the scenes side of filmmaking, I think you might really enjoy this.


Or at

We have some exciting news coming in the next two weeks concerning post production on Norman, that I am very excited to share with you.

Thank you all very much, and may you all have a very Merry Christmas!

-Joel Guelzo

2nd Wave of Collectors Booklets Coming Soon

I am shipping off the 2nd wave of Norman Collector Booklets next week. I finished the first wave of shipments last week, and once I finish sending off all the booklets to the original first backers, I've been asked by several followers of the project, if the booklet will be available to purchase for anyone who didn't originally back it at the start of the Kickstarter campaign.

The answer is YES.

The original plan for this booklet was very small, and was meant to act as just a simple reward for backers, but I would love to have more people be able to get a hold of a copy if they are interested. I spent a lot of time putting it together, and plan to give some away to my cast and crew as gifts, but would enjoy being able to see others enjoy it as well.

Once I have fulfilled all the original orders from the early backers, I will put up information and have a link on for others to be able to purchase it.

In the meantime, we are still hard at work in post production, working on sound design for the film. Sorry that updates have been slow, but it's been a bit of a dry period in production, as pieces come into play to continue various stages of work on the film.

Thank you for your continued support.


NORMAN: Collectors Book Finished

So after about a year and a half worth of work, I have finally finished the NORMAN Collectors Book that I will soon be shipping out to the exclusive Kickstarter backers who chose that reward tier. I am very excited to share this bit of news with you all, as it has been fun to finally be getting super close to the end of this almost 5 year journey. I will be sending out emails to the specific people who backed the project in the next couple days, so keep an eye out for it.

This Collectors Book contains 84 pages of content, including some really awesome stories and insight from cast and crew, as well as some really beautiful photos taken during the filming of Norman. I can't wait for you all to get your copy, and I thank you again for all your support.

Unfortunately for now, I will only be shipping this out early to the select backers who pledged at the tier level to receive one. If you are interested in getting a copy, please subscribe to our email newsletter at to be notified the moment the book will be available for public purchase.

Here is a short video showing what the Collectors Book looks like.

Thank you all so very much!
-Joel Guelzo

The Switch: A 48 Hr Film Contest

Last year I entered a local film festival that gives you only 48 hours to write, direct, shoot, edit, create music and finish a short film based on a random genre you pull from a hat. So once again, I decided to enter the Lynchburg 48 Hour Film Contest again this year, and this is the film my team created, called, "The Switch."

The film shoot was extra special because Melissa (who plays ANI in Norman) was available that weekend to film, so I had a blast being able to work with her again. Thanks everyone for all your hard work!


Hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Norman news is heading your way soon! Stay tuned!



Directed By

Joel Guelzo & James Banks

Produced By

Joel Guelzo

Written By

James Banks

Jonathan Kafoure

Edited By

Joel Guelzo & James Banks

Music By

Daniel Ciurlizza

Music Department

Tato Ciurlizza - Vocalist

Nestor Estrada - Sample Development

Travis W. Hendrix - Flute Soloist

Jaime Lew - Score Technical Engineer

Mitch Del Rosario - Ambient Sound Design

Daniel Ciurlizza - Synthesizer Programmer

Sound Design By

Jonah Guelzo

Production Sound Mixer

Jonah Guelzo


Jonathan Kafoure - Jon

Melissa Crouterfield - Sarah, Biosuit Scanner

Giancarlo Beltrami - Military Guard

Doug - Kellogg - Military Guard

Jonah Guelzo - Biosuit Scanner


Joel Guelzo


James Banks

Special Effects

Joel Guelzo & James Banks


James Banks

Hair / Makeup

Mauresa Guelzo

Special Thanks To

Stone Blue Productions

The General

Joy Guelzo

Tyler Lyon

NORMAN: Visual Effects Montage / By Hello Studios

One of the toughest things about making Norman, was to try and get high production quality visual effects on a zero budget essentially. Adam and Sam, from Hello Studios, created a short montage video to show off the types of effects shots they accomplished for my film Norman. I think they have done an outstanding job and have gone above and beyond the original scope of the project. I hope you enjoy a short look into the amount of work that has continually been going into making Norman into a really awesome film. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is what Hello Studios had to say about this video.

"For the past couple years, there has been an ongoing back burner project called NORMAN - A Joel Guelzo Film that we've whittled away at from time to time. It's a movie we're helping do the Visual Effects on and everything is super close to being complete. Here is a montage of just a handful of the hundreds of VFX shots in the film."